15 May 2021—Journalist Peter Gill writes that “If you would like to help, these are some organizations recommended by friends that seem to be doing good work:”:

1. Oxygen for Nepal is procuring oxygen tanks (international donations here https://www.gofundme.com/f/Oxygen-Cylinders-for-Nepal... or direct transfer to their Nepali bank account info here https://creasion.org/oxygen-for-nepal

2. Sano Paila is doing work related to isolation centers, feeding the hungry, and public outreach in and around Birgunj https://sanopaila.org/support-us/

3. America Nepal Medical Foundation is setting up isolation centers in Kathmandu https://www.anmf.org/

4. HAPSA, started by Nepali American doctor Ramu Kharel, is working with local governments on isolation centers among other things https://www.gofundme.com/.help-nepal-fight-covid19...

5. Nawa Asha Griha is running a community clinic https://www.nagnepal.com/.the-nag-clinic-is-in.

6. Hope and Challenge is feeding the hungry https://www.nepalitimes.com/.feeding-1000-a-day-in.