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Kathmandu valley lockdown further relaxed, private vehicles to ply on odd-even basis

By The Himalayan Times ONLINE

Published: 05:50 pm Jun 20, 2021

Anger grows in Nepal over Covid vaccine delays

“Nepalis died for Britain and India, now they are letting us die.”

Alisha Sijapati, The Nepali Times, June 18, 2021

Disasters in Nepal come in waves

There are crises within crises, layers upon layers of calamities

Kunda Dixit, The Nepali Times, June 17, 2021


Nepal valley suffers quadruple disaster

After surviving the 2015 earthquake, wildfires and the pandemic, Melamchi is hit by deadly flood

Amit Machamasi, The Nepali Times, June 16, 2021

Monsoon hits Nepal with a bang

Heavy precipitation floods Himalayan rivers in Central Nepal, putting towns at risk

Nepali Times, June 15, 2021

TIA lacks mechanism to check baggage loss


Published: 09:25 am Jun 11, 2021

Pandemic and the political-economy of oxygen supply

Donations of oxygen plants in response to second wave may force local producers to fold

Kaustubh Dhital, The Nepali Times, June 9, 2021

Nepal braces for monsoon-pandemic double hit

Covid-ravaged Nepal is facing another high risk flood and landslide season

Sonia Awale, The Nepali Times, June 9, 2021

Nepal’s doctors are like soldiers fighting a war

In cities and villages, medical workers on Covid frontlines now get a little help from telemedicine

Donatella Lorch, The Nepali Times, June 6, 2021

US announces Covid-19 vaccines for Nepal and other countries

Not clear how many doses Nepal gets from 7 million Washington allocated for over a dozen Asian nations.

Anil Giri, The Kathmandu Post, 4 May 2021

In Nepal, virus climbs from plains to mountains

As the daily case load drops in the Tarai, the pandemic spreads to remotest Himalayan villages

The Nepali Times, 28 May 2021

60 to 64-year-olds to get Chinese jabs as WHO urges world to give shots to Nepal

With health system bursting at the seams and a third wave likely, the world must show the same level of generosity that Nepalis have showered on visitors for years, UN body says.

Arjun Poudel, The Kathmandu Post, 2 May 2021

Nepal Covid-19 impact worse than official figures

Only hospital deaths are counted, without testing daily caseload total is meaningless

Kaustubh Dhital, The Nepali Times, May 30, 2021

Life hangs by an oxygen tube in Nepal

Journalist recounts the frantic search for oxygen for her cousin suffering from Covid-19

Unnati Chaudhary in Kailali, The Nepali Times, June 2, 2021

As Covid-19 crests, Nepal eases restriction

Lockdown remains till 14 June, but some rules relaxed

Nepali Times, June 2, 2021

Limited passenger flights to Turkey to begin Thursday and Qatar next week

Flights allowed to China as well but the country is yet to lift its travel ban.

Sangam Prasain, Kathmandu Post, 1 June 2021

Nepal allows limited passenger flights to and from China, Qatar and Turkey

The move, amid a ban on all international flights, is aimed at facilitating travels, as chartered flights are said to be charging exorbitant fares.

Sangam Prasain, Kathmandu Post, 31 May 2021

Vacillating on vaccines

Let’s see fewer Tweets of donated items that Nepal can afford to buy, and more timetables for vaccine deliveries.

Editorial, The Nepali Times, 25 May 2021

With COVID-19 cases surging, Nepal asks global community for urgent vaccine help

Nepal, the landlocked Himalayan country, currently has one of the highest COVID-19 viral reproduction rates in the world.

The Conversation, 26 May, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic May Be the Hardest Mountain Nepal’s Sherpas Have Ever Had to Climb

A coronavirus outbreak on Mount Everest has seen dozens of people evacuated by helicopter from the foot of the world’s highest peak, derailing Nepal’s plans for a record climbing season.


Despite coronavirus scare, more than 170 climbers summit Everest in a day

With a record 408 permits issued, the mountain remains crowded even after many abandoned their ascent as climbers and guides show Covid-19 symptoms.

Sangam Prasain, The Kathmandu Post, 24 May 2021

Austrian climbing guide says at least 100 COVID-19 cases on Everest

EuroNews, 22 May 2021

Aid pours into Nepal, but where be vaccines?

International community rushes oxygen and PPEs, but Nepal is not even getting the vaccines it paid for

Sonia Awale May 22, 2021, The Nepali Times

3-pronged strategy to save Nepal from Covid-19

Mushfiq Mobarak and Neela Saldanha May 21, 2021, The Nepali Times

United Nations calls for support to its Nepal Covid-19 emergency response plan

The Rs9.7 billion plan fund is being set up to assist 750,000 of the most vulnerable people affected by the pandemic.

The Kathmandu Post, 22 May 2021

It’s an Emergency

Nepal’s most immediate needs: oxygen and vaccines

Sonia Awale May 20, 2021

Steep Covid-19 Rise in Nepal Mirrors India’s Surge

By Krishna Pokharel,, 18

Steep Covid-19 Rise in Nepal Mirrors India’s Surge


Statement on Nepal’s COVID-19 Crisis from the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies & an open Letter to the White House: Prioritize Nepal for Immediate Vaccine Aid, 18 May 2021

ANHS Statement on COVID-19 in Nepal


Statement on Nepal’s COVID-19 Crisis from the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies & an open Letter to the White House: Prioritize Nepal for Immediate Vaccine Aid, 18 May 2021


China cancels spring Everest climbing season over Nepal Covid-19 cases

* Sports authorities say action needed to ensure there is no chance of imported infections

* A group of climbers already on their way to summit from northern side

Mimi Lau, South China Morning Post, 16 May 2021

Scrambling for jabs, Nepal in talks with Russia, China, US

With India, the vaccine powerhouse, itself in dire need of international support, the government looks to other countries to acquire shots as coronavirus cases surge.

Anil Giri, The Kathmandu Post, 18 May 2021

No one is safe until everyone is safe!

How you can help Nepal in this hour of need!

Raj Gyawali, 17 May 2021

As infections surge uncontrolled in the country, WHO says Nepal has emergency needs

In his regular press briefing the UN health agency’s director general also called on rich countries to help in the equitable distribution of vaccines to avoid a ‘moral catastrophe’

The Kathmandu Post, May 15, 2021

An Everest expedition abandons base camp after several climbers test positive for the coronavirus.

A prominent mountaineering company abandoned its summit expedition on Saturday after more climbers were found to be infected with the coronavirus.

By Bhadra Sharma, The New York Times, May 15, 2021

Nepal’s diaspora comes to the rescue

Migrant workers in the Middle East dispatch oxygen cylinders home to help Nepal flight the pandemic

Upasana Khadka, May 15, 2021, The Nepali Times

Facing a COVID Crisis, Nepal Cries Out for Help

“People are dying every few minutes because of a lack of oxygen, we don’t know when this will end…It’s chaos”

By Peter Gill, The Diplomat, 14 May 2021

In Nepal, oxygen cylinders from Mount Everest could soon be used by Covid patients.

By Bhadra Sharma, The New York Times, 12 May 2021


US to provide USD 2.75m in support to Nepal to manage oxygen crisis

The Himalayan Times Online, 13 May 2021

Nepal allows ‘special flights’ to evacuate stranded foreigners

The government has also permitted the evacuation of a number of Indian nationals using Kathmandu as a transit point to escape the flight ban in India.

Sangam Prasain, The Kathmandu Post, 14 May 2021


Tourists wait to get out amid virus surge, lockdown

There are around 2,000 foreign nationals currently in Kathmandu who are trying to leave, officials say. Flights are suspended until May 31 midnight.

‘It’s as if there’s no Covid’: Nepal defies pandemic amid a broken economy

Cases appear low and sports venues are packed, but protests are on the rise as jobs are lost and personal debt soars.

Miniature Satellites Reveal Cause of Deadly Uttarakhand Flood That Devastated Dams

The disaster draws attention to the controversial hydropower projects in the Himalayas

          By Kelso Harper on February 12, 2021

More Himalayan tsunamis

The Nanda Devi glacial lake flood on 7 February is a warning for the rest of the Himalaya to be prepared

Editorial, February 8, 2021


Latest CDC Travel Recommendation for Nepal

Nepal COVID apps

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