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The staff of Safe Nepal Travel are pleased to announce that, as of June 30, 2021, we are transferring operation and editing of the site to the publishing firm ECS, based in Kathmandu.  Begun in 2020 with a small grant from the National Geographic Society, Safe Nepal Travel has made an effort to provide timely, up-to-date pandemic travel and safety information for those planning on visiting the country. ECS is now the perfect organization to develop the site further into an expanded information source for and about Nepal, with detailed information about travel, logistics, trekking, climbing, and adventure tourism. We wish ECS all the best as it takes Safe Nepal Travel to its next incarnation and level, especially during the challenging circumstances that continue to surround the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal. And, most importantly, as the tourism sector in Nepal begins to regain its footing.


Alton, Brot, Kunsang, Shailendra, and Lakpa


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In recent years, trekking and climbing tourism have become extremely important sources of income generation for Nepal. Primary beneficiaries include the thousands of mountain people who make their livings running lodges, leading treks, and guiding climbs. However, COVID-19 forced the country into official lockdown in March, 2020, cancelling the plans of the normally 200,000 adventure tourists arriving per season (fall and spring). The result has been severe economic hardship for hundreds of thousands of people employed by the tourist industry. 

As COVID-19 vaccines become more available and administered, more and more people are expressing an interest in returning to Nepal as early as spring, 2021. However, finding timely and reliable travel, health, and safety information has been difficult. is designed to provide this information. Updated on a weekly basis, the web site will provide answers to frequently asked travel and trekking questions (FAQ). Podcasts with medical, health, government, and tourism officials will provide the latest news from the people who know best. Links to websites about trekking and climbing in Nepal, safety protocols, and travel advisories will be included. We believe that the sooner reliable information about travel to and trekking in Nepal is available, the sooner tourism will return. 

This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Geographic Society.

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